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Brake Service

When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, at KS Mission Automotive, we do not take any short cuts. As you are driving, the moment you feel any hesitation about stepping on the accelerator, or the brake pedal, it’s time to check on how your brakes are functioning. Your hesitation might indicate that you are not confident in your ability to stop or control your vehicle. At KS Mission Automotive, we take brake repairs seriously because we know it is your safety at risk as well as other passengers or vehicles on the road.

KS Mission Automotive provides the most dependable, complete, reliable analysis and repair service for your brakes which control your vehicle’s speed or ability to stop. Come in to our shop and let us check on your vehicle and its brakes. We will diagnose any problem and discuss all needed repairs with you to give you our cost effective options which are available for you. Our quality ASE (automotive service excellence) certified technicians use today’s latest automotive technology and equipment to care and repair all aspects of your vehicle, from routine maintenance to all major repairs.

Our goal is to provide you and your vehicle sustainable, reliable vehicle maintenance services and repairs whenever needed.

Signs That You Need Brake Repair

  • Worn out brake pads – Normally, brake pads are more than a quarter inch thick. Anything thinner than that would indicate that it’s time to have them changed.
  • Red Brake dashboard light is on- This red light tells you to get your brakes checked immediately. Just like a “check engine” light, once you see it you know you need to visit Ed Cain’s Auto Service ASAP.
  • Spongy Brakes / Shaky Steering wheel-If you need to step hard on the brake or if even the slightest touch triggers the brakes, call KS Mission Automotive. These signs indicate that you need immediate attention for your brakes.
  • Strange noises- Noisy, grinding, squeaky, or squealing sounds when you apply the brakes means you need to go to KS Mission Automotive immediately. This would likely mean your brake pads have worn out and your drums and rotors are now metal on metal. Do not wait, as repairs are much more costly the longer you drive with noisy brakes. Changing brake pads are far less costly than to have to “turn” (resurface or bring into accurate roundness mechanically the metal rotor).

Brake Service Repair

When we perform our routine brake check, we measure the front and rear brake pads for wear. If the pads are too thin then we would recommend that you have them replaced immediately. This will improve braking and stopping performance greatly.
We also measure for drum or rotor wear which can happen rapidly if you drive with worn out pads. The metal on metal wearing and damaging of the drums and rotor wear is a result of driving while brake pads that are too thin.

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Being new to car care I didn’t know what to expect since they assign you a place to get your oil changes. I am so happy that they assigned me to Ks mission automotive not only did I get stellar customer service and was seen so fast Reynaldo and Liz went above and beyond to make me feel welcome, comfortable and aware of everything done to my vehicle. I would gladly recommend them to anyone who needs an honest oil change and will be returning.

Sonia Luna

I LOVE KS Mission!! I have taken my car here several times and I have always received the best service, the best prices, and they have the most amazing staff and brilliant owners!! I will never go anywhere else! I highly recommend to everyone if they want things fixed the right way, at the right price, the first time! Thanks for all you do KS Mission!!

Chelsea Rogers

Tim & I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service you gave us. After our A/C went out this summer you & your team was very helpful & and answered all of our questions! You & your team did great work and we are very pleased. Our A/C works better than before, Brrrrr........Great prices, friendly, and very honest. We highly recommend KS Mission Automotive. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!


I highly recommend them! Kevin and Sabrina, as well as their entire staff, are personable, professional, experienced and reasonable with rates. They articulate the services they are providing well, are thorough and care about doing their work with honesty and integrity. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

Tabitha Shepherd

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